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Are you ready to step into your Purpose while aligning with your true Authentic Self? Together we will harness the reservoir of strength deep within you as we discover those beautiful gems and unique gifts that only you can provide to the world. As a result of investing in yourself, you will gain peace of mind, passion, spark, and profound healing.

My Story

The lessons I learned from my darkest storms are the lessons learned for my clients as well as for my own healing journey. During the times when I felt completely helpless & alone, I was able to dig deep within & discover the reservoir of strength buried there. I was able to do that for myself & I believe that I can assist you in coming back to who you truly are. Aligning with your Highest Timeline and boldly embarking on your healing journey.


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You Are Love

You are loved & supported by creation herself. You are never separate. This is the great illusion. We are all one and what affects one, affects us all.
Once you’ve had a glimpse into this reality, that you and the Universe are one, you begin to experience true freedom. You begin to come home to the truth of who you are.

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IT’s OK to Not be OK

I’m just here to remind you that it’s OK to not be OK.

We are all spiritual beings having a Human Experience and this Human Experience can oftentimes create choppy waters to navigate through, to say the least. This is a courageous voyage of soul retrieval to remember who you are.

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Connect with us

I have a couple openings this Saturday for ✨ Intuitive Reiki sessions ✨ Link to book in BIO.

* Are you looking to relax, reset, & clear away stagnant energy and blockages in your life? 

* Are you looking to call in new abundance + opportunities with a powerful energy clearing? 

* Is there a particular situation or circumstance you’re seeking more clarity on?

What to expect during your session: 
You will begin your session with a check-in to pinpoint an area of focus or particular intention you’d like to focus on during your session. We will call on your higher guidance to help with the healing process and provide insight and clarity on your particular situation or intention. 

You will be primed to enter a meditative state of relaxation through breathing techniques and guided meditation. Reiki energy, crystals, and aromatherapy will be used to cleanse and clear any stagnant energy or blockages within the Chakra system.

Once the healing session is complete, we will follow-up with any messages that were presented throughout the session and we will pull Angel cards for further guidance and clarity.

Link in BIO

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Early-bird tickets are on sale for our Conscious Creators All-day Woman’s Retreat! ✨ We have a select amount of tickets available & they will sell out!

This will be a transformational & empowering experience that will assist you in your Creative Awakening. ✨

You will be guided through the day by Spiritual Wellness Coach & Fashion Designer Melissa A. Ketchum ✨ Imagine creating beautiful Acrylic Flow Art with @offbeatartistry, designing a meditative piece of mandala art, indulging in a healing sound bath, enjoying a guided visualization mediation, & learning practices that will connect you to the creator within!

It’s time to step into your creative power & design a life you live!

Early Bird Discount code: EARLYBIRD111
(Ends February 1st at 12pm)

Link in BIO

This experience will change your life!

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⚡️It's time to Design A Life You Love ⚡️

Please join us on Saturday, February 25th for the Conscious Creators All-day Retreat led @melissa.a.Ketchum with @gilded.heart.coaching

Within this retreat, you will be guided through various experiential processes that will assist in your Creative Awakening as you enter into the flow of life. We have so many powerful experiential practices included in this retreat, create Acrylic Flow Art with @offbeatartistry, design a meditate piece of mandala art, indulge in a healing sound bath, enjoy a guided visualization mediation, & much more!

⚡️ We will tap into and explore how to ignite your passion for creativity as you awaken the Unique Genius within.

⚡️ We will address and remove blockages that are keeping you stuck in stagnation as you open up to a spiritual creative process that allows you to express your true creative nature.

⚡️ You will discover how to become more deeply connected with your own creative consciousness so that you can manifest the life of your dreams!

Registration Link in BIO⚡️

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Give the ✨Gift of Healing✨ to your loved ones from Gilded Heart Coaching! We love these aesthetic gift certificates. #itsavibe

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Manifesting ⚡️Main Character Energy ⚡️ in 2023!

Tap into conscious creation & undeniable magic this New Year’s Eve for a Manifesting + Vision Board Workshop!

Before we head out to celebrate the New Year, we’ll tap into our biggest dreams, wishes, & desires for 2023. You’ll be guided through a manifestation & visualization process to get clear on what it is that you’d like to call into the New Year! Here’s what you can expect:

•A Guided meditation/visualization that will allow you to see, feel, create, & embody your main character energy for the new year
•Intention Setting & Vision Board creation
•Light snacks & a specialty “mocktail” to sip on while we create
•A fun & encouraging environment to create & dream in!

Registration link in BIO!!

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I’d like to invite you on an exploration into what it is that MOVES YOU! ✨ What inspires you? What brings you alive in your creation abilities as co-creator of this human experience?

When you look to nature such as the mighty oceans, the majestic mountains, the grand lakes, do you see that you are in fact connected to their majesty? What is in our blood and our bones is the same makeup that supports these miracles in nature and each and every one of you are indeed a miracle! This is worth celebrating!

So today, give yourself permission to be present in life. To indulge in WHAT MOVES YOU. To revel in it. Turn off the news, even just for a day. Tune into Spirit, that beautiful web that connects us all and allow yourself to be inspired by it’s various manifestations in nature, music, art, and beauty.

Give yourself permission to stop and smell the roses. To feel the sunshine upon your face. Allow these simple luxuries to MOVE YOU. ✨

As we begin to embark on this exploration of what moves you, I’d like you to connect to and remember that childlike wonder that each one of you so lovingly embodied. The curiosity and awe that we carried with us as we explored this world, allow yourselves to go back to that place, invite it into your day knowing that when you feel moved or inspired, or even brought to tears by what it is that your witnessing, that this is indeed the Divine coming alive within you. Let this experience MOVE YOU!

Photo 📷 @offbeatartistry
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✨ New Moon Manifesting ✨

Join me as we set intentions and structure around our biggest dreams, desires, & goals!!

What this experience will include:
⚡️Insights on the New Moon in Leo energy
⚡️Manifesting & Intention Setting Ceremony
⚡️Transformational Guided Meditation & Breathwork
⚡️A positive and nurturing environment to bring your dreams to life!

Date: Thursday, July 28th
Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: The Hope Interfaith Center 114 Pohl Rd. Mankato, MN

What to bring: A journal, open heart, yoga mat, & any items you would like to charge with the New Moon energy.

Please register through the Eventbrite link provided or email to reserve your spot. Seating is limited!

All Sacred Pathways Honored. All are Welcome. #spirituality #oneness #mankatoevents #spiritualhealing #healingreiki #minister #nomadicminister #spiritualwellnesscoach #spiritualhygiene #meditation #newmoon #newmoonmanifesting #newmoonmagic🌙⭐️

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We can create the most precious and sacred lives for ourselves with the power of our thoughts and trust in our feelings. We co-create Heaven on Earth with All That Is.✨

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Introducing “Designing A Life You Love” a 90 day program created to support you by exploring the depths of intimacy with self and others. Join Intimacy & Spiritual Wellness coach Melissa Ketchum as she curates a sacred container to melt away shame + unworthiness and to boldly and courageously claim the life that was meant for YOU!
To call forth and to witness your most authentic beliefs and desires and to birth them out into the world. You will be held accountable and called higher as you begin to discover what is truly in alignment with your heart’s desires.
This is your invitation to co-create your reality with the Ultimate Creator, to dream big and to gain confidence in Designing A Life You Love. In this program, you will utilize Goal Setting Strategies, Introspective Techniques, & Spiritual Practice to manifest a beautiful and abundant life.

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Introducing \\The Awakening Hour// with Rev. Melissa Ketchum! ✨ The Awakening Hour is a biweekly virtual gathering space on FB LIVE for those devoted to their Spiritual & Personal evolution + expansion.

“I created this live event because I feel called to create spaces and support conversations that assist us in collectively healing and moving forward for the Highest benefit of humanity. We are what we need at this time, we have all the tools within us, we just need help discovering the light within ourselves & others. Now is the time to move forward together. To recreate a more peaceful and just world.” - @its.melissa.k

This Week's Special Guest: The intuitive @esthermarcellahoffmann with E-Star Tarot will be doing a collective Tarot reading.

This Week's Topic: // Reimagining The Stories We're Told // An invitation to go inward to examine the areas in our life that are no longer serving us and to intentionally create space for expansion and growth. This includes the stories that we’ve told ourselves, and the stories we’ve been told by others. Stories that have guided us to this point but are no longer of our highest benefit. Here we create space to explore these stories. Here is where we decide how we can move forward together in the most empowering & healing ways.

All LIVE videos will be displayed on the Huxley & Myrrh FB.

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Living in the past, pining for what once was, may only create depression or lack mentality. Living in the uncertainty of the future, trying to control what does not yet exist (in this reality) may only create anxiety. Being present in each moment allows you to embody each experience for what it truly is without the voices from your past and future interfering. This awareness provides you with truth & authenticity. Permission to indulge in the human experience, the reason we’re all here. 🤍 ...

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🌻Do you feel called to do fulfilling work that is meaningful and in alignment with your higher truth? 🌻Have you found yourself wondering if there’s more to life than the regular routine of going through the motions? 🌻 Are you curious on how to Turn your pain into your purpose? 🌻As a Spiritual Wellness coach, my mission here is to show you that the possibilities are endless! I’m here to assist you in Designing an abundant life that you can fall in LOVE with. ✨ Live Simply, but Live Well. ✨ ...

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Follow your heart 💕 We oftentimes get confused when facing life’s big decisions, is that my heart or is it my mind speaking to me? Remember sometimes the heart’s true intentions can only be a whisper. It’s our job to investigate this further. To initiate communication with the heart. I love the practice of embodiment as a means to achieving this. This ancient practice assists me in determining what belongs to the heart and what belongs to the mind. • Embodiment in a nutshell: I find a quite space and concentrate on my breathing, with a relaxed body I then feel into my heart space while thinking about the question at hand. I allow myself to FEEL the sensation my heart is radiating back to me. Sometimes I feel a slight pain or nothing at all. I’ve even felt familiarity. Follow the pleasant sensations and begin to heal the not so pleasant sensations. Allow these sensations to be a guiding compass. The heart loves to communicate through sensations but sometimes we must allow ourselves to be quite in order to feel them. 💕 ...

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Your power lies within life’s most challenging experiences. ✨ Share your beautiful truth, your light, your story. ✨ ...

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